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WHO, WHAT, HOW & WHY… Sana?!

In celebration of our 8th business Birthday, we wanted to take the opportunity to (re)introduce ourselves. Much has changed in the recent years so even our long term clients might discover something they didn't know about us in this blog..


are we & do we help?!

Est. in 2015, SANA Skin Clinic is located in the beautiful Bryn Mawr Estate in Berwick VIC, only 2 min. from the main streets of Berwick and Beaconsfield.

Our unique integrative philosophy, paired result proven treatment pathways, above & beyond client care and innovative Program solutions have earned us a rapidly growing reputation, multiple industry awards and the honour of clients travelling great distances to see us or take advantage from our virtual care programs from states all across Australia.

Our current team of

  • 3 Skin, body & Beauty experts,

  • 1 Skin & Health Naturopath &

  • 1 Spinal energetics practitioner, Breathwork facilitator & Trauma coach

are passionate, compassionate and highly educated experts their field. Each one of us brings a unique set of skills, personality and strengths to the team, but one thing we all have in common is that we want to help people improve their quality and love for their life.

Any SANA client has the care of the entire team behind them to support their individual journey. Whilst our extended practices are never a must, most clients will discover the incredible benefits in their own time.

"Our clientele is pretty broad and we love that. We treat clients near and far of any age, gender or concern, but find that one thing most of them have in common is that they are ready to take their journey serious. Many new clients come recommend by a friend or loved one, we even treat entire families. This kind of trust is simply the very best compliment we could ever ask for." - Christine


In various cultures & languages SANA means make healthy, heal, repair, make whole, radiate, glow… Which made the name the perfect choice to sum up our passion, purpose & mission to..

Transform concerns into confidence with advanced and integrative treatment solutions.

In short we offer...

  • Advanced Skin Analysis and in depth consultation

  • A wide range of Skin treatments for Acne (of any age), Acne scarring, Rosacea, Age management, Sensitivity, Barrier repair, Pigmentation Preventive care or simply a feel good pamper

  • Custom compounded medical Skincare

  • Naturopathy - Skin and general health

  • Body Sculpting

  • Laser hair removal

  • Cosm. tattooing

  • Lash, Brow and other services

  • Breathwork & Spinal energetics

BUT let's dive just a little deeper, as we would like to give you some insight on how all this can be connected.

We are here to take the Woowoo out of the word HOLISTIC and treat our clients WHOLE-listic,

as our care goes way deeper then just skin deep – we are not here to just treat the symptoms but aim to discover and aid root causes.

Topically – Yes we have the best treatments, products.. but to stop there would be a disservice to our clients and the results they desire. It would go against out integrity, not to touch base on a much deeper level to offer support.

Internally – We have one of the best skin and health specialised Naturopaths on our team to address any internal triggers and support clients beyond their appearance. Supplements, food as medicine, lifestyle tips & swaps as well 100s of pathology testing options simply take our client journeys to a whole new level.

Mind – We implemented many modalities into our treatments to offer relief and rejuvenation during treatments incl. a wide range of tailored meditations, relaxing music, calming smells, soft & heated beds, magnesium massages and other grounding rituals in most treatments - making each treatment a sanctuary of relaxation.

Energetically – Our newest team member is an incredible Spinal energetics & breathwork practitioner. We regularly host joined events within clinic but also offer 1on1 sessions to our clients. Many have found great relief through her treatments to aid the processing of physical, mental & emotional traumas.

Because - We believe that..

general wellbeing of the body and mind is the new age wealth currency and by default leads to a more vibrant, healthy appearance, improved confidence, and overall better results to our treatments.

..and the truth is, treating only one of these aspects alone more often the not would mean - only applying a band aid to the problem.

Not saying everyone would need to look into all aspects of our offerings, but they are more connected then you might think.

Think about it this way.. if for example someone's acne is of internal cause or trigger, then treatments & products are only going get them so far, right?! And if this person is then also dealing with emotional or mental trauma, those stressors are only going to amplify breakouts. Or... in terms of our body sculpting example. Yes you can definitely get results from the treatment alone, BUT if you don't dig a little deeper into your general health, diet, lifestyle, weight triggers, confidence within... do you think the results can be maxed out or maintained easily?!

To combine the best of what we have to offer, we launched our wildly popular SANA Programs in 2022. This allowed us to introduce clients to all their options at flexible payments options & reward them for their commit to themselves.


How does SANA Skin clinic..

do things differently?

To us, each clients deserve to be so much more than being just another number entering the room (because we all know what that feels like). As a team we brainstorm case studies on a weekly basis, to ensure that we align their topical, as well as their internal journey to optimise treatment plans and prescriptions.

Apart from the hands on treatments, Programs, 1on1 education and care we offer our clients in clinic, we have also made it our mission to share as much authenticity as possible.

Knowledge has always been power and in a world of overwhelming information we would like to do our part to give open and honest advise, provide food for thought and advocate for informed choices.

Some of the ways we do so are:

  • Blogging (check out our previous ones)

  • Social media like our Instagram or Facebook (we did try Tiktok but haven't quite mastered that one yet lol)

  • Our monthly newsletters

  • We have a interactive VIP Facebook group with directory's, recipes..

  • We host regular educational or interactive in clinic events

  • We are about to launch our SANA PROJECT Podcast very soon

  • We recently stared a YouTube Channel with monthly Q&A sessions with our incredible Naturopath


Hear from some of our Signature program clients...

Did you learn something new about us?

Do you have any questions at all?

Comment below..

Lots of love from your team at SANA Skin clinic

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