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(sar-na) - verb
make healthy, heal, repair,
make whole, radiate, glow

Healing Skin, Health, and Soul for Lasting Confidence

At SANA, our multi-award-winning 'Insight & Out' approach uniquely blends transformative skin treatment pathways with holistic well-being.

As Melbourne's south-east leading skin clinic and acne specialist, our mission extends beyond the surface, integrating naturopathic health and Spinal Energetics into our care. This comprehensive approach not only ensures superior skin results but also enhances overall health, embodying our dedication to nurturing lasting confidence, health, and well-being in every client.

Our signature programs are renowned and accessible to clients from anywhere in Australia, offering comprehensive expertise, care, and exclusive benefits.

Signature Programs

Unlock the SANA Advantage!

No more guessing – discover SANA's tailored programs for all

skin types, concerns, ages, and goals:

  • Advanced Analysis & Personalized Skin Plan

  • Expert Support from SANA's Naturopath

  • Virtual Consultations & Home Delivery

  • Regular Targeted Professional Treatments

  • Custom Medical-Grade Skincare

  • Exclusive Ongoing Discounts & so much more

Get started for just $34

Confidently Embark on Your Skin Journey, All Bases Covered.


I came to Sana because of their amazing naturopath, Emily, and have continued to have regular facials there because of the amazing team. Christine is so warm and welcoming, and knows so much about skin and skin health. The treatments from both Georgia and Karla are relaxing, targeted and leave you feeling so glowy and refreshed - the best feeling at any time of day. Everyone goes above and beyond to meet your skin needs and check in post appointment too. Their program helped my skin as it allowed me to be consistent with appointments - as well as offering incredible discounts and offers. The clinic is calm and inviting, allowing you to feel relaxed as soon as you walk in...


Opening Hours

Monday - Wednesday: 9am - 8.30pm
Thursday & Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday - 9am - 2pm

Sunday - closed

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