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At SANA, we transform concerns into confidence with a unique blend of professional skin treatment pathways, naturopathic health, and now also energetic enlightenment, ensuring a balance of external beauty, internal health, and energetic harmony in one holistic destination.

Energetics, with Aesha from The B. Human Movement, offers a transformative modality that empowers our innate intelligence to reconnect with parts of ourselves that have been affected by pain, fear, stress and trauma.

This approach, deeply rooted in the understanding of our comprehensive anatomy – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and soul – provides a sanctuary for those seeking balance and harmony in their lives.

About Aesha

Aesha is a experienced Energetics Practitioner, Transformational Breathwork Facilitator, Trauma-Informed Certified Coach & Co-founder of The B. Human Movement. Her incredible talent lies in connecting with people from all walks of life, helping them re-establish their ability to regulate the nervous system.

Her work encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and soul anatomy.

Influenced by various modalities, such as Network Spinal, Breathwork, Kundalini Activation Process, Alpha Alignment, Shamanism, Inner Dance, Reiki, Esoteric Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Trauma Release and Pranayama. With the incorporation of philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese Medicine, Yogic and Meditative traditions.

What is Energetics?

Central to Energetics is the goal of regulating the nervous system to achieve homeostasis. This state of equilibrium is essential for rest, recovery, and restoration, gently guiding the nervous system back to its natural state and offering a haven for healing and rejuvenation.

It is a practice that combines Eastern and Western thought, to interact with a person’s spine, nervous system and energetic field, to harness a person’s own innate wisdom to know and heal themselves.

Each living being is not just a physical form but also a being of energy. Energy encompasses each of our aspects; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul: Woven together with our ancestry, experiences, stories, personality, and character.

What can Energetics help with?

Energetics effectively alleviates various symptoms, including

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Anger and Irritability

  • Grief and Heartbreak

  • Gut Issues and Constipation

  • Insomnia and Skin Issues

  • Throat Issues and Overwhelm

  • Overthinking and Self-Sabotage

  • Physical Pain and Low Self-Esteem

  • Emotional Turmoil from Sexual Trauma

Work with Aesha at SANA

Personalized Healing Experiences 

At our clinic, Aesha offers intimate one-on-one sessions, creating a safe and nurturing environment, as you unlock your potential for profound healing and transformation.

These sessions are complemented by regular small group events here at SANA, offering a close-knit community atmosphere for shared experiences and growth.

(Follow our socials for upcoming events)


Extending healing beyond individual therapy.

The B Human Movement group offers 

  • Powerful nationwide group events

  • Corporate events

  • International coaching & online courses 

  • The B.Human Podcast

These platforms provide education, empowerment, and a sense of community, fostering shared growth and unity.

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